Alex DePue

Special Guest Faculty at MWROC X!

Bringing Alex DePue to MWROC has been on our wish list for years and we’re so excited that he will finally be spotlighted! Mark first met Alex when he was touring with Steve Vai and The Mark Wood Experience was opening for him. Steve bought several Vipers to outfit the two string players in his group and for us, Alex was the highlight of each show, matching Steve Vai toe to toe in musical excellence. He truly is the modern day Paganini.

Alex will be at MWROC X from Wednesday – Friday, giving master classes and performing on Thursday night.

“I’m really jazzed about finally being able to take part in one of these really, very popular experiences with MWROC. I’ve been around the country hearing from those who have attended as to how your camps have enriched their musical lives.”
~ Alex DePue