Elijah Wood

We suppose that Elijah’s biggest claim to fame SHOULD be as Mark and Laura’s child; but Elijah’s experiences touring as Shania Twain’s drummer since 2015 might actually rival that.

Elijah has been surrounded by music and the arts throughout their entire life. Elijah toured with Shania Twain on her NOW Tour which visited North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand in 2018. In 2015, at only 19 years old, Elijah landed the coveted position as Shania’s new drummer for her Rock This Country arena tour, which encompassed 75 shows in the US and Canada. The tour lasted 6 months, reached over 1 million people, and at its peak was the 4th highest grossing summer tour after Taylor Swift. The media focused heavily on Elijah as the youngest member of Shania’s band, and a feature in Drum Magazine heralds them as a “19 year old stadium veteran.” Elijah’s first professional opportunity came at age 14 when they became the drummer for their parents’ groundbreaking music education program Electrify Your Strings™ (EYS). Today, Elijah tours regularly with EYS and has become a mentor and role model to the students participating in the program. As part of EYS, Elijah was featured on NBC’s The Today Show, CBS Evening News, and many others. In addition, as a member of The Mark Wood Experience (their parent’s touring band), they perform with symphony orchestras around the world.

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