About Us

MWROC is a place where the future lives.  

From 13 – 130, MWROC is about sharing tools and techniques that will empower and strengthen you to express yourself creatively.

Drawing on their substantial knowledge and expertise, our incredible faculty offers an amazing selection of practical courses that will enhance your skills on every level and in every performance environment.

Days are filled with a wide variety of classes for attendees to choose from and are capped off by faculty concerts every evening, after which we all get together in our “Cafe Rock and Wreck” for individual performances, group jam sessions, and experiencing true musical camaraderie.

Based on placement auditions submitted prior to camp, attendees are assigned to either the Beatles (intermediate), Zeppelin (advanced), or Dream Theater (professional/super-advanced) Orchestras and, in addition to our great classes, will spend a portion of each day rehearsing for a massive concert event, open to the public, on the final night of MWROC where they can demonstrate all the skills and techniques they’ve acquired during the week.

Here’s what you can expect if you’re a….

STRING PLAYER (violin, viola, cello, bass), GUITARIST, or ELECTRIC BASS PLAYER

  • Participate in a fully integrated acoustic/electric orchestra
  • Learn to develop your ability to play in any style and handle any rhythm
  • Improvisation – Improve your technique and increase your musical knowledge
  • How to apply modern slapping techniques to any string instrument
  • The art of playing “outside” the scales
  • How to use your ears in addition to the “dots on the page”
  • How to develop compositional and creative abilityHow to create your own arrangements of your favorite tunes
  • Proper use of outboard gear – pedals, amps, and effects
  • Computer music technology classes – (AVAILABLE FOR ALL ATTENDEES)
  • How to “jam” with other musicians – improvising with any group in any style
  • Singing and playing – arranging string parts around vocals
  • Rocking out your string quartet or ensemble
  • Cello Cajun and fiddle styles


  • Performance tips and tricks
  • Vocal techniques that will give you stamina and strength
  • Every singer’s essential arsenal for vocal health
  • How to command the spotlight and the stage
  • Movement classes to help you develop your own performance style and persona
  • How to take ownership of any song you sing
  • The art of improvisation
  • One on one instruction


  • In-depth teacher-specific workshops (complete with certificate you can submit for professional development credit)
  • Learn Mark Wood’s groundbreaking techniques in the area of alternate styles that you can bring back to your classroom to expand your ongoing curriculum

Watch this NBC feature! “Music Camp Combines Rock and Classical” gives an exciting behind-the-scenes look at our unique camp experience!