Your child’s safety is our top priority

Our Camp Directors are professional orchestra directors; and keeping students safe and secure is their first priority.  We also have a professional camp medical person, who can help should any of our students feel ill.  Most of our camp counselors are professional teachers or college students studying to be music educators. Small, manageable groups of students ages 17 and under are assigned to a counselor and must check in with the counselor throughout the day.  The students are also escorted around the campus with the counselor to meals and for break times.  We have a strict curfew but it is usually not a problem with our students because we wear them out during the day!

We have dorm counselors assigned to groups of students so that, in the event your child does have a problem, they will be instructed to go to their counselor or other staff members. Please note: Adult supervision will be more than adequate and exceeds most states’ requirements.

We are extremely sensitive to any concerns you may have since MWROC is open to both kids and adults. For your peace of mind:

  • The MNU campus has 24/7 security patrols so the grounds are monitored constantly.
  • All 18+ campers are housed in a completely separate building from campers ages 17 and under.
  • Younger campers are not permitted to travel anywhere alone. If they need to leave a class during class, they are required to take a buddy.
  • Parents visiting campers during the week must check in with our camp office to obtain a visitor badge.

Instruments and Travel

Attendees should bring whatever instrument they consider to be their primary one. We have a wide selection of electric violins and cellos that campers can rent and try out for FREE at camp. For cellists, we offer acoustic cello rentals at camp. Please contact us for more info.

If you feel that your child is not yet ready to attend camp without your supervision, we would love to have you join us! Our guardian rate includes room and board and nightly concert admission. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to attend classes or rehearsals with your camper since attendance to these events will be determined by space availability and camp management, but there’s lots to do in the Kansas City area – shopping, museums, great restaurants, and more. There are no planned activities for guardians that choose to attend MWROC but we promise you’ll have plenty of options!

Students who are flying in alone will need to make a reservation with our shuttle service that will take them straight to the welcome area of MNU.  It is possible that we may be able to help you coordinate a flying partner from your city if you ask us.  There may be a short wait for other MWROC students to join you on the shuttle.  The shuttle company is highly reputable and the Kansas City Airport has very small terminals, making coordination of pickups very manageable.  Students will be provided with emergency numbers for MWROC staff members to help them at the airport if the need arises.

Click here for a map of the airport terminal.

As camp gets closer, we will open a link for shuttle reservations to and from the airport.

If you are accompanying your child and prefer to stay off campus, there are many hotels in the area that offer competitive rates. Please contact us and we’ll be happy to share a list with you.