MWROC is open to acoustic and electric string players, singers, guitarists, and electric bass players (ages 12 through adult). Where you’re a student, educator, hobbyist, or professional, there is simply no other summer music gathering that compares to what we offer!

Registration opens SOON for the 16th annual MWROC!
July 13 – 19, 2025!

“You all have changed [my son’s] life, no kidding. At MWROC he finds other kids who get his musical references, adults who have made music the center of their lives, and musicians of all ages who challenge and inspire him. He doesn’t get this particular combination *anywhere* else, and he needs it. The light in his eyes when he comes home from this camp is beautiful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“It’s amazing to return back home, dive deep into music, and rekindle old and new friendships for a week… I feel like I lost a lot of knowledge and skills over the past couple years, as well as the spark that keeps me going.. I’m so grateful that camp instilled it all back and I have all of you to thank! It’s amazing to have the drive and motivation back.”

“My first year MWROC was the best week of my life. I got to play with and learn from my musical heroes whom I have been looking up to for 10 years now. I met a group of strangers who became my family at the end of the week. Everyone was so humble, kind, accepting, and willing to lend a helping hand.”

“In the past years, I’ve seen how the pandemic has affected my students. Their anxiety has been sky-high, and they’ve had such a hard time focusing. Throughout this week, it was thrilling to see how excited and involved everyone was to learn from the best, jam with each other, spend time laughing and making music together. The Mark Wood experience extends far beyond this week – again and again, I witnessed how the staff and instructors actively modeled how to make connections, support each other as artists and friends, and enjoy learning together. MWROC is a life-changing experience.