Film a video for MWROC’s TikTok and you can win a gift certificate of up to $50 in Mark’s online store!
Read on for rules and prizes!*


  • First, go follow @mwroc on TikTok
    • (NOTE: You do NOT have to be on TikTok to submit a video for the contest).
  • Film yourself answering these questions:
    • What is your favorite thing about MWROC?
    • How did MWROC change your life?
    • Who was your favorite faculty member and why?
    • You can also just share your own thoughts in your own way about what makes MWROC so meaningful to you!
  • Video should be filmed in portrait mode (up and down), NOT landscape.
  • It should be FUN so make sure you smile (and if you have pets, they can star in your video, too)!
  • You can play and/or sing if you want to!
  • Length should be 30-60 seconds max.
  • You may submit more than one video! In fact, we encourage it!
  • Send final video(s) to using (a free video file sharing service).
    • Be sure to include your full name in the title and in the notes.
    • And don’t forget to get us YOUR TikTok info so we can tag you if/when we use your video.

DEADLINE TO SUBMIT: Saturday, June 17th


  • One (1) grand prize winner – $50 coupon to Mark’s online store
  • Five (5) 2nd place winners – $25 coupon to Mark’s online store
  • Ten (10) 3rd place winners – $10 coupon to Mark’s online store

Mark and Laura are also on TikTok so give them a follow too!

* By submitting your video, you are granting Mark Wood Rock Orchestra Camp, Inc. (“MWROC”) your permission to utilize and share your likeness and your video for promotion purposes on its website, e-news blasts, and social media (including but not limited to TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter).