MARK WOOD: Making the Nimble and Powerful MusicianExperience working with the composer and arranger on one of his own compositions. Find out about his creative process.

MATT VANACORO: Video for Musicians – What you Need to Know ­Matt will give you all of the best tips and tricks to make sure YOUR videos are fantastic!

JOE DENINZON: Rock and Pop Arranging for Strings
Rock and Pop Arranging for Strings: Write your own string arrangements, breaking all the rules, and letting creativity run wild. Your goal is to keep the string quartet playing all night and send the DJ home!

HAYDN VITERA: Turn Your Violin into a Fiddle
Haydn will show you the key differences between playing classical and country and give you some of the basic skilsl to jump on a country gig.

DR. DAVID WALLACE: Running the Improvisational Gauntlet
A 60-minute Creativity Workout

CHUCK BONTRAGER: Living Loud: Plaque Edition
Chuck is looking forward to seeing and hearing and sharing what we’ve all learned in the last year!

GREG BYERS: Accompaniment 101
Whether you’re at a jam session or collaborating on Soundtrap, you want to balance your role in the ensemble. We’ll discuss how any instrument can improvise accompaniment using rhythm, bass lines, chords, pads, and more!

Highlights from Val’s six-week PEAK course in creative flow.
P: PRESENCE (being fully present in your body and in the moment)
E: EDGE (going to the edge of your comfort zone and beyond, where growth happens)
A: AWE (being part of something larger than yourself)
K: KICK (getting a kick out of it and being playful)
We’ll discuss the neuroscience of flow state, and practices you can incorporate into your life to get there more reliably.

LAURA KAYE: Unraveling the Other Things
Exercises to help free you from the mental clutter that holds you back from being the most effective and free performer you can be.

NATHAN BLAKE: Master Class
Movement is a key component to becoming a magnetic performer. Nathan will help you with putting together your “movement toolbox.”

MATT BELL: What’s the Frequency Kenneth? – What is EQ and How do You Use it?
EQ is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal for molding your sound in an amplified setting but very few people understand it. This class will teach you to understand EQ and use it to your advantage.

ROB BAMBACH: The Three Little Bears, Guitar Edition – PART 1
This master class is for everyone! Guitar Hero, Part 1!

Jordan demonstrates and discusses the Lydian mode and shares what his GeoShred app is capable of.

ELIJAH WOOD and HAYLEY DORLING: Auditioning Tips and Tricks
Are you ever nervous when auditioning? Are you looking to up your game? If you ever plan on auditioning in the future, want a refresh, or just want more “oomph” in your presentation, this class is exactly what you need.

ROB BAMBACH: The Three Little Bears, Guitar Edition – PART 2
This masterclass is for everyone! You asked for it, you got it – Guitar Hero Part 2!

PAUL RANIERI: Modern Bass Techniques for All
Every player should have techniques for creating their own bass lines. Tune in to find out how!

ERIC GORFAIN: Analyzing Radiohead’s Paranoid Android for String Quartet
Follow along with the score as Eric shows you how he translates a rock song into a string quartet arrangment. You might even get a little critique from him if you want to play a passage.

ALEX DePUE: An Old Fashioned Master Class
Get fantastic tips to improve your playing and overall performance techniques.

JASON GIANNI: Rhythm and Time
In this class, Jason, one of the drummers for the Mark Wood Experience, shares with you all of the best strategies for staying in “time.” He makes the click track work for him every day, so make the metronome your best friend!

DR. MYSORE MANJUNATH: Charukeshi Raga Master Class
Dr. Mysore Manjunath
One of India’s most prestigious Indian classical violinists, Dr. Manjunath discusses the history of Indian classical music, including special tuning, and how it is all improvised around specific ragas (or scales). Joined by his son Sumanth, he will show you how to play the ancient Charukeshi Raga on your violin in the traditional Indian style. Even if you don’t catch every word he speaks, you will FEEL his teachings come through while you learn to play this beautiful raga.

MATT BELL: SQUEEEE! – How to Stop Feedback from Mics and Pickups
It’s happening – the musician’s worst nightmore! You’re in the middle of a performance and you hear it….the dreaded feedback squeal has struck again. This class will teach you what feedback is, what causes it, and how to stop it.

Take your playing to the next level and learn how to strum bow! It’s a great way to put some groove into your repertoire.

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