Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find in the camp store.

(You can also purchase any of these items on Mark’s website.)


* The 2017 tee will be available soon! *

The Official t-shirt of the 2016 Mark Wood Rock Orchestra Camp!

FREE T-SHIRT with your paid tuition but we’ll have extras in the camp store for family and friends who will DEFINITELY want one.

Available sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL, XXXL

ALSO available in ladies sizes!!

 Orchestra Rocks 2015 tee

The Orchestra Rocks tee!

Available sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL, XXXL

(Also available in gray ladies tank)

 MWROC Eaglefly Travel Mug

MWROC Eaglefly Travel Mug!

Get an extra serving of your favorite beverage in the cafeteria and carry it around with you in style! (Oh, and these make PERFECT GIFTS – haha!)

 MWROC logo luggage tag

The MWROC Logo Luggage Tag!

Rigorous cat testing happening here

Rigorous cat testing happening here

Perfect for your luggage, instrument cases, and more. (They’re also great cat toys – tested and approved by our office mascots.)

 MWROC logo smartphone wallet

The MWROC Logo Cell Phone Wallet!

Sticks right to the back of your cell phone or case! This awesome self-adhesive wallet is perfect for your credit card, ID, and of course the cash that you’ll be playing with in the camp store.

MWROC silicone wristband

MWROC Silicone Wristbands!

Silver lettering on a black and purple wristband – what could be better?

Cafe Rock and Wreck tee

Cat tested and approved by Mallomar

Cafe Rock and Wreck Tees!

What better tee to wear to our evening Cafe Rock and Wreck jam sessions than this one?

Available in ladies sizes, too!


MWE Gym Bag!

Here’s the perfect way to carry around all your odds and ends at camp – and everywhere else for that matter! It’s the roomy Mark Wood Experience gymbag, complete with drawstring so your items stay inside where they belong!


WV Army Dog Tags! 


Skull and Cross Bows Sticker!

Accessorize your ROCk gear with this Skull and bows sticker


Viper Wings Sticker!

Let your strings sour with this Viper Wings sticker.

MWE tote 1

It’s the MWE tote!

Purple laptop not included!

Perfect for a purple laptop!

Mark Wood Experience Tote!

You’ll get noticed when you carry the MWE tote! It’s the stylish way to carry your laptop, lunch, and more, and features a jazzy black and white striped interior with a removable laptop sleeve that makes security checks at airports a breeze. A large lined and zippered interior pocket, front Velcro pocket and two side pockets give you plenty of room to add everything you just can’t travel without.


As always, we’ll have lots of great stuff from Laura Kaye’s “Personal Legends” collection and we promise to post pix very soon. In the meantime, here are the Personal Legends themselves.

Laura Kaye’s “Personal Legends” pendants
CLICK HERE to find out more!
Laura Kaye’s “Personal Legends” wristbands
CLICK HERE to find out more!