MWROC 2023 music for MWE

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MWE CONCERT – Sunday, July 9, 2023
(in concert order)

Opening: 2-minute intro music

Karn Evil 9 – Karn Evil 9 mp3

Carol of the Bells – Carol of the Bells (SF) mp3  | Carol of the bells – Piano

Wizards in Winter – Wizards in Winter mp3 | Wizards in Winter – Piano

Vivaldi Rocks – Vivaldi Rocks mp3

Stairway to Heaven – Stairway to Heaven (SF) mp3

A Mad Russian’s Christmas – A Mad Russian’s Christmas mp3 | A Mad Russian’s Christmas  – Piano

This Christmas Day – This Christmas Day (SF) mp3 | This Christmas Day – Piano

ORCHESTRA MUSIC – Friday, July 14, 2023

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NOTE: The last 2 songs (River Deep and Proud Mary) are obviously not set up with any type of segue. We are planning, at the first rehearsal, to marry those 2 things on the spot. If anyone has any ideas to tighten it up, please share at that first rehearsal. We’re thinking Jason could just give us a count off, maybe put a fermata on last note of River Deep, hold for a measure, and Jason can count off into the 2-bar pickup of Proud Mary.

  1. The Best
  2. Steel Claw
  3. I Might Have Been Queen
  4. I Can’t Stand the Rain
  5. We Don’t Need Another Hero
  6. River Deep Mountain High
  7. Proud Mary (this is a VERY different version – it’s from a TT live show)