Paul Ranieri

Paul Ranieri

Paul RanieriPaul Ranieri was born in New York City and raised in a musical and artistic environment. He started studying music and playing bass at age 11. Influenced early on by the music from cartoons, science fiction and monster movies; and then later by all the greatest rock, funk, and jazz bass players, Paul is now involved in many diverse musical projects and has developed a melodically ferocious and powerful playing style all his own.

With a degree in Jazz Performance from New York’s New School University and Mannes College of Music, Paul’s talents encompass a high level of technical expertise and professionalism. Paul is currently the bassist for producer, inventor, Emmy Award-winning composer, and highly acclaimed international recording artist Mark Wood, and has been touring the US with Mark’s “Electrify Your Strings” series of music education programs; working alongside Mark to participate in the creation of rock orchestras with student musicians at schools and universities across the nation.

Paul has been a teacher and music educator since 1990, having taught at San Diego’s only professional bass shop and music school; Bass Alone and at Sam Ash Music University and also has a successful private teaching practice. Paul is also leader of the band Dangered Ace, whose debut CD “GoTenGo” was recently released to great acclaim.

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What to expect in Paul’s classes:

  • Modern Bass playing concepts and dexterity including developing your ability to play in all styles and handle all rhythms.
  • Your Partner in Crime – Playing with the drummer and being able to think as they do and match their playing.
  • Electric Bass Improvisation – Improving both your technique and increase your musical knowledge.
  • Slapping Techniques – How to apply modern slapping to any string instrument including special techniques like “The Ranieri Theory”.