EVERYONE must submit a placement audition, even if you have attended MWROC previously.

This is to ensure that you are placed in the performance ensembles that will best optimize your talents and, for our returning campers especially, we want to see how much you’ve grown in the past year!

Our Beatles Orchestra is geared towards intermediate players; our Zeppelin Orchestra is for advanced players.

Placement auditions must be received no later than Friday, June 17. If you are a late registrant or if you need an extension, please contact us.

Audition materials for all string players (acoustic and electric) consist of the following two requirements (see links below):

  1. As many of the posted pieces that you’d like to play – excerpts are fine. We require at least one. However, if you consider the rest of them “too easy” or “too hard” for your current playing level, you don’t have to play them. Just pick the one you can do best.
    • INTERMEDIATE PLAYERS: Born to Be Wild, Supermassive Black Hole
    • ADVANCED PLAYERS: Bach to Rock, Fireball
  2. 1-2 minutes of your best playing on whatever music you choose. You may choose to perform rock, classical, or any genre in between. You also may want to perform your own original composition or improvisation. Anything you want – we just want to hear you!

Audition material for all vocalists, guitarists, and electric bass players:

  • One verse and one chorus of your favorite song (video only, please), showcasing your abilities at your absolute best! Since there are limited spots for vocalists, guitarists, and electric bass players, this audition is very important!
  • Vocalists are requested to submit a rock ballad AND a rock fast tempo song.

Music provided below is solely for your personal use in conjunction with MWROC Music Festival and is not to be duplicated or distributed outside of MWROC.


Clicking on each link will place a zip folder on your computer or phone with the sheet music you’ll need for your placement audition.

Placement Audition Materials 2024 – INTERMEDIATE

  • Violinists, Violists, Cellists, Bassists – Choose Supermassive Black Hole or Born to Be Wild

Placement Audition Materials 2024 – ADVANCED

  • Violinists, Violists, Cellists, Bassists – Choose Bach to Rock or Fireball

Click HERE to UPLOAD and SUBMIT your placement audition.