(arrival and departure dates, check in times, etc.).

SAMPLE “Whirlwind Tour” schedule – Click on the link for a sample schedule of the days on which all campers get to experience every faculty member’s class.

SAMPLE daily schedule – Click on the link for a sample daily schedule from a previous year.

Here’s just a sampling of what attendees can expect at MWROC. Find out more and watch some great videos on our About Us page!


  • Exploring blues and pentatonics
  • How to use your ears to get away from the dots on the page
  • How to arrange your favorite tunes for a chamber ensemble or rock group
  • How to play “outside” the scales
  • For string players: How to “think” like a guitarist
  • Transcribing Your Favorite Solos: How to figure out what is going on in your favorite songs and how to give it your own authentic approach.
  • Get Ready to Shred: Some of the best warm-ups and exercises from the classical tradition are perfect tools for getting your fingers in shape.
  • The Art of Frets and Dot Configurations: Who better to explain this concept than the inventor himself.
  • Singing and playing: Arranging string parts around vocals.
  • Using pedals and effects to create your own sound
  • Rocking Out with Music Theory: Using music theory to take you to the next level of improvising.
  • Achieving Rock Sounds WITHOUT amps or pedals: Distortion, whammy bars, pick slides, crunches… you can do it all with just your fiddle and bow! Absolutely necessary for acoustic players, and really useful for electric players too.
  • Your Partner in Crime: The art of playing with a drummer
  • Improving your technique and increasing your musical knowledge.
  • “Slapping” Techniques: How to apply modern slapping to any string instrument.


  • Vocal techniques that will give you stamina and strength
  • Performance tips and tricks
  • How to take ownership of any song you sing
  • Every singer’s essential arsenal for vocal health
  • Private lessons are available throughout the week


  • The art of improvisation and composition
  • How to command the spotlight and the stage
  • Accessing your own creativity
  • Mastering the latest computer technology
  • Learn to develop your ability to perform in any style and handle any rhythm
  • Learn to develop a no-holds-barred approach to analyzing and performing music so that every note packs an emotional wallop.


  • NOTE: With these and all our other courses, you’ll receive a certificate from us at the end of the week for Continuing Ed purposes.
  • In-depth classes with Mark Wood, where you’ll learn about the new curriculum he’s developed, which debuted at Ohio State University under the auspices of Dr. Bob Gillespie..
  • Incorporating Metallica, Mahler and Mozart: Providing ideas on how to incorporate improv and contemporary styles in the classroom.
  • How do YOU do it? Teachers gather and share their ideas about bringing the orchestra classroom a relevant course or study.


  • Learning to use modern technology as both a composition tool and for enhancing practice and performance
  • Computer courses in how to use all the latest composition software to your benefit


  • Electric violin set up and assembly
  • Building an electric violin from start to finish
  • Electric instrument basics: The care and feeding of YOUR instrument